I wrote a choose your own adventure book about New Zealand

In the past three years we’ve run into a couple of people who have done seasonal fruit work in one of New Zealands breadbasket regions, and pretty much everyone we’ve met knows someone who did it. The idea always intrigued me, and last summer I had the opportunity to go try it out myself. So I did it. I don’t really know what I expected it to be like, but I know I wasn’t expecting what I ended up experiencing. I also didn’t expect to write a book about it, but I felt like the experience was worth capturing and sharing.  So I wrote a book about it. There are a lot of different ways I could have told the story, but I had a good working relationship with the hostel owner where I was staying while doing the seasonal work, and the final product ended up being a creative marketing tool for his hostel. So  without further adieu, I present “The Rotten Apple Interactive Adventure Book.” Click the picture below to read it. Oh, and by the way….this isn’t a children’s book.

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The Rotten Apple Interactive Adventure Book

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