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Table of Contents

All the most relevant information you need to know about moving to New Zealand has been consolidated into a cheap downloadable E-book:

Download: Tips on Emigrating to New Zealand

Online Reading: Tips on Emigrating to New Zealand


Tips/Discussion on Moving

Is NZ right for you?

12 tips for moving to a foreign country

How to live in a foreign country for 1-3 years without getting residence or citizenship

What should you bring with you when moving to NZ?

What you should know if you’re planning on moving to Auckland

Housing in New Zealand

Finding a rental home in Auckland

Relationships and moving to a foreign country (from a female perspective)

Using the MGI Bill at a foreign school

Surviving in New Zealand on a budget

Temporary seasonal work in New Zealand

The Immigration Process

How did you do it?

Quick guide for Americans immigrating to New Zealand

I don’t qualify to move to New Zealand! What do I do?

Getting a skilled migrants work visa as a path towards residence

Registering with the teacher’s council (if you’re a teacher)

Life in New Zealand

The Pros and Cons of living in NZ

The reality of Kiwi austerity

Is New Zealand a good place to raise children?

What’s the best city in New Zealand to move to?

Intro to small town New Zealand

North Island V.S. South Island

You don’t move to NZ for the money. You move here for the life style.

Health Care in New Zealand

Honest talk about some of NZ’s problems

Austin ain’t got nothin’ on Auckland (except the Mexican food)

First impressions of Auckland

Teaching in a public NZ high school

NZ news and crime

Intro to NZ cinema

Intro to NZ arts and culture

Business culture in NZ

Ode to the NZ winter

Ode to the pukeko

How to speak Kiwi

You don’t see that in America

10 things Americans will get used to after living in NZ for 6 months

Grocery shopping in NZ

The Ellerslie car fair

Is the grass really greener?

Personal Adventures and Updates

Auckland in August 2010

New Year’s Eve 2009/2010

Auckland in January 2010

Our trip to Snow Planet

Our trip to the Miranda hot springs

Car camping in Coromandel

Hot Water Beach

1 day tretrospective

1 week retrospective

2 week retrospective

1 month retrospective

9 Month retrospective

Our 2010 Easter weekend trip:  part 1, part 2, part 3

Moving day again

First week of teaching in a NZ high school

Amber’s story of boozing it up at school

Our next flat

Our first road trip


Religion in NZ (and around the world)

The Island of Mana (A brief history of colonialization)

5 ways traveling makes you a better person

In which an expat reevaluates his identity

Why would anyone want to leave America?

In which a Texan abandons his culture

Piancovallo’s travelling snail

Indiana Jones and the Sorcerer’s Stone

America is a PC. Europe is a Mac.

A brief introduction to the Treaty of Waitangi


5 Responses

  1. Hi! I found this blog JUST when i needed it! My husband & I are planning to move to NZ with our 1 yr old son. Like the 2 of u, we are planning to leave everything back home to start a new life in New Zealand. Going through ur blog has answered more questions & doubts than i knew i had! But there are some things I would really like to ask you,especially Amber (i’m from education industry too). I would be really thankful if you can share an e-mail ID I could mail you on.
    Thanks for all the info u have shared.

  2. Hello! Wonderful information – just the kind of things I looking for! Could I ask a little about what your brought over with you and what it cost etc? I guess I’m just curious how you figured out what to bring and what to leave behind. I’d presume it costs a couple grand to ship over a barrel of goods across the pond. Could I also ask if it was difficult to find a doctor there/get prescriptions filled? I’m American and potentially could have a job in Wellington soon – there are things they don’t tell ya. Things like these! Thanks.

  3. Excellent Blog. I plan on moving to New Zealand in the near future. My occupation is currently on the Skills Shortage list. How long does all the paper work take? How long in advance should I start applications etc?

    • Don’t know. Don’t think I’d tell you if I did.

      Just kidding. But with your username I couldn’t resist throwing out a “The Last Dragon” quote.

      From the time we started the application to the time we boarded a plane to New Zealand was about a year. The reason it took so long is because there are a several waiting periods, and you have to mail paperwork across the world. However, the immigration process is a little different for different countries. We applied from America.

      I’m pretty sure that your job needs to be on the skills shortage list at the time that you file your initial expression of interest. You might want to contact New Zealand immigration and double check though: http://www.immigration.govt.nz/Migrant/General/GeneralInformation/ContactUs/

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