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Is the grass really greener?

The following events have happened in the United States since I left there and moved to New Zealand:

The Sikh Temple Shooting

The Colorado Batman shooting

Chick-Fil-A inequality appreciation day

Herman Cain was one of the choices Americans were given to be their president.

Rick Perry had a shot at being president.

The American political system clearly demonstrated its ability to solve problems rationally and efficiently

Obamacare made me facepalm

Obama turned out to be George Bush 2.0

The consumer spoke, and the consumer said, “I celebrate the fact that I’m retarded.” I’m talking about Twilight.

Jersey Shore happened

America was selling friggin weapons to Mexican drug cartels, and the president stepped in censored it from the public. 

The Westboro Baptist church is still doing its thing.

It surprised nobody when it was made public that  mulched gristle sprayed with ammonia was commonly added to the meat products everyone consumes. 

It turned out soda causes cancer. It also turned out that’s no big deal. 

Occupy Wallstreet and Occupy Oakland happened.

On the upside, America landed another Rover on Mars. Granted, we could have people living on Mars by now if NASA had received all the money the United States military has spent fighting in the Middle East.

Sure, Osama Bin Laden’s death was a cause to celebrate, or breath a sigh of relief at least, but if the best thing that happened to you all year involved dumping bodies in the ocean then fuck your life.

You want to know what’s going on in New Zealand?

There was a dead possum pageant that upset a few folks

The All Blacks won the 2011 Rugby World Cup

That’s about it.

I’m not trying to prove in a list of articles that New Zealand is better than the United States. All I’m saying is, every once and a I while I see something that makes me stop and say, “Gee. I’m glad I’m not there anymore.”

From my own personal, subjective perspective the grass in America still looks pretty wilted. New Zealand’s grass is green as. 


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