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The Island of Mana (A Parable about Colonialization)

Written by Travis

I made the comic below after taking a course on Pacific literature. The theme of the story echoes dozens of pieces of Pacific literature written by Pacific Islanders struggling to express the effects of colonialization. When analyzing colonialization you can’t seperate economic colonialization from religious colonialization. The two worked hand in hand to strip the natives of their culture and replace it with one that put the locals at the bottom of the food chain and foreign interests at the top. Ironically, this approach worked so well that today Christianity plays a central role in many Pacific island cultures, particularly Samoa and Tonga. However, there are many Pacific Islanders who deeply resent the Christian missionaries and the impact they had on their way of life. The story below sums up a point of view that you’ll run into if you spend enough time in the Pacific. So if you don’t like what the following story says you can yell at me, but know that I’m largely just echoing what I’ve heard other people say.

 Note: The Island of Mana doesn’t exist, and the behavior and slang used by the characters are combined from several island cultures and time periods.

You can click on any picture to enlarge the whole comic.


2 Responses

  1. That’s a fantastic bit of comic creation! Love it!

  2. wow! brilliant and incredibly effective – can’t wait to share with some of the more ‘devoted’ folk i know

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