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The Internet in New Zealand


4 Responses

  1. Wow! This is a great site. Keep it going! We just moved here about a month ago!

  2. Well Wise Sloth, it’s been a while. We’ve been here in New Zealand for just over a year; started following you site around March – April 2010. Here’s one I dont think you touched on much, Health Care.
    Where would you rather be sick in, New Zealand or the US? Which Emergency Department would you rather visit, a New Zealand ED or a US ED?

  3. Great graphics, wow very cool! Thanks.

    Sadly I have to concur about lack of access. Just today the Academy Awards were on Monday afternoon so could not watch all the fashion and fun! Superficial, yes of course, but little things like this (and Netlix) and XYZ can be annoying sometimes. I just want to do errands at night after work!

    Despite petty annoyance still Love NZ!

    • For the record, I didn’t draw that comic, but it includes a reference to the person who did.

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