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You don’t come to New Zealand for the money. You come for the lifestyle.

New Zealand has a high cost of living due to the fact that so many products have to be imported, and there isn’t competition in the local economy to drive prices down. Plus, New Zealand embraces the island mentality where business isn’t (usually) war. So businesses don’t stay open late, and the customer isn’t always right. This doesn’t necessarily mean that life is unaffordable, cumbersome and inconvenient. New Zealand receives thousands of immigrants every year from the South Pacific island, Malaysia, Korea and India where life is certainly harder, but if you compare New Zealand to the United States or Europe, you’ll definitely come to miss certain opportunities, luxuries and conveniences.

You’re going to work 40 hours per week (sometimes more), but the work culture tends to be more laid back than in America. So you’re not as likely to hate going to work as much as in America, but you don’t move to New Zealand because you can show up to work in house slippers or have a beer with the boss at lunch. You move here for what goes on after work.

You move to New Zealand to go kayaking at Milford Sound, sunbathing at Whangerei Bay, tasting foods at the Pacifica Festival, skydiving in Taupo, relaxing in Rotorua’ hot springs, hiking at Waitekere, surfing in Raglan or fishing anywhere. You come to New Zealand because you can walk down the street without worrying about getting stabbed or shot. You come to New Zealand so your kids can attend a quality university for $5,000 per year. You come for the cheap vacation deals to Thailand, Australia, Samoa, Tonga and Indonesia. You come to New Zealand because you don’t have to feel guilty for paying taxes to support a predatory industrial war complex. You come here because all the different cultures embrace each other instead of fighting like the Hatfields and McCoys (for the most part).

Long story short, you put up with the little worries because you don’t have to put up with the major worries that plague the bigger, more volatile, more violent countries. Bottom line, New Zealand is an adventurer/hippie paradise that would be pointless to move to if you’re just going to atrophy in your giant suburban home watching 5,000 TV channels shoving your face with big-box processed foods. You come here to get outside and have fun. If you’re a die-hard right-wing Republican religious fanatic who hates diversity and loves guns then move to Texas. If you want to live and let live, come to New Zealand and bring your hiking boots with you. Just remember to clean all the dirt off of them first or they’ll get quarantined at the airport.

What did you see on your last vacation?


3 Responses

  1. You guys are awesome. Thank you for your feedback. Your newest post is great – it filled in all the questions I didn’t think to ask. =)

  2. Great post! I myself am an American who is looking to move to NZ early next year after my enlistment is up with the US Military. Spent some time there last year and this post reminded me of some of the things that impressed me most! Glad to hear you are lovin it 😀

  3. I entirely agree with what wrote about New Zealand. You did make the right choice to choose New Zealand as your second home.

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