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grocery shopping in New Zealand

One of the best parts of visiting a foreign country is visiting the local grocery stores. Even though grocery shopping is pretty much the same everywhere in the world, there are always cultural differences that remind you you’re not at home anymore. Brands and trends can be just different enough to give you a feeling you’re in a surreal bizarro version of the place you were raised. If you’re thinking about moving to New Zealand you may as well start getting used to seeing different products at different prices.

Countdown is the major grocery food chain in NZ.
learn to measure in kilograms or else
Milo and Vegemite. A favorite NZ combination
what are these strange beers and why are they so expensive?
Tylenol doesn’t exist in NZ.
mmmm. Apple cider and beet roots

2 Responses

  1. Tylenol is Panadol.

  2. The thing I found the funniest was the day I went to New World shortly after I moved over here. I was looking at the very sparse amount of breakfast cereal for something I could recognize when looking up I saw this familiar blue box, then I noticed the three little faces of snap, crackle, and pop. But something wasn’t quite right about it, after several seconds of staring at the box I realized that it was called Rice Bubbles! Suddenly, standing there all alone I felt like I was in some kind of dimension warp; I busted out laughing to the dismay of other patrons who must have thought I was a nut case, especially when I had to take my phone out and take a picture of it to post on my face book page.

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