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America Ain’t So Great

A lot of Americans can’t understand why anyone would want to leave America. This is a list of a few links to articles detailing that America ain’t so great.








4 Responses

  1. That is the best article I have ever read. My family gained full residency to NZ and are moving this December. Reading this article just confirms all my thoughts about the states…yay! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I gained a PR visa this past July, and was fully excited about the prospects of moving overseas, and away from the US. However, after 5 months of putting all this effort into moving to NZ, my feelings about going have been tempered, if not changed, after coming across this site:


    Considering I’m a Filipino-American (apparently a double-whammy in NZ based on the various postings on the EE forum/site), I don’t see how I’m going to find living in NZ any better than where and how I am now in the US. I understand fully the article that was posted on escapefromamerica.com, so I’m reconsidering what other countries are worth moving to. So much for all the effort I put into NZ…. 😦

    • I’ve been to expatexposed before, and I disagree with most of the stuff on that site. In my personal opinion they over exaggerate small problems. That’s just my opinion, but remember that the ideas on that site are just people’s personal and pessimistic opinions.

  3. I see that this is an old post. I read you wisesloth blog everynow and then, but just found the link here.

    My wife immigrated to NZ from the US in January of 2008. After living here for two years I see articles like the one posted and have to laugh a little. Only a little because I know those things do happen in America.

    For us, we work more hours in NZ for less pay and greater aggravation. It is like we jumped on the short bus. The housing quality here is poor the cost of living much higher than the states(we previously lived in NYC and yes it is more expensive here), that said we are financially fine here in NZ.

    We are moving to France in a few weeks because for us NZ is like a middle class hell. We never sought out the American Dream in the states, never felt the need to keep up with the Joneses, hated American policy and the corporate run state, but atleast it had the other side—the rebellious soul. In NZ practicality trumps art, beer trumps thought and stability trumps excellence.

    I can see why many people are happy in NZ, you can have kids, your crappy house, nice views, mindless conversations, play rugby, drink alot—it’s an easy life. To me it’s hell.

    One thing moving here has taught me is that, everyone everywhere thinks the world is coming to an end. Rome is falling, but yeah no duh, that will happen to every great civilization, in the past, now, and in the future. NZ isn’t a great civilization, it’s just mediocre in everything—yes, maybe a few exceptions here and there, but hobbits are for the moderately educated masses.

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