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New Years Eve in the Southern Hemisphere

Travis and I ended the year with our roommates breaking up and moving out of the house we shared. It was a bit more excitement than I’m used to. Travis said it reminded him of Texas.

On New Years Eve we went with our (now ex-roommate) to the top of Mt. Eden (a large volcanic formation juxtaposed by the surrounding modern suburban sprawl) to watch the fireworks, and we weren’t the only people to have this idea. The single lane

road up the mountain was a parking lot from top to bottom. Many people spent the last minutes of the fleeting year in their car with trees blocking any and all sites.

Keeping warm for the new year!

The view from the top was wonderful. Auckland is truly a beautiful city with all the lights in the harbors. The three of us enjoyed some beers and enjoyed the skyline. I cuddled in my new sleeping bag, testing its warmth. It seems so thin and light but it is a warm little thing. Travis had been talking about seeing the fireworks for weeks. Each year we find the tallest place around (last year that was our roof) so we can see all the firework shows. This seemed year seemed so promising….but… yeah. There are community theaters in America with a bigger budget than the Auckland firework show. If Ben Stein were a firework show, he’d be Auckland’s firework show. That’s how exciting it was. Bueller. Bueller. Anyone?

Not that we’re picky. We did have a great time, the view was great. Walking down the hill while hundreds of people sat in their cars having never made it to the top of the mountain in the first place, was extremely satisfying. Still though, the newly acquired knowledge that of the many things Americans do in excess, our firework displays are the coolest, made me a little home sick. But just a little.

I have no idea what joys and troubles will come in the new year. All I know is that it will be something different then I’ve ever experienced before.


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