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January 2010

If the start of the year has any insight to what the other 11 months will entail we are in for a boring and poor year. Travis has been working full time at Fishpond. He is still learning the ropes but is happy that he no longer is the whipping boy for every over paid employee who can’t figure out how to turn on a computer.

I’ve been doing everything possible to keep myself from going crazy with boredom. The school year doesn’t start until Feb. 8, and there is a lack of people calling begging for me to come in for a job interview. I’ve spent some of the time sending out emails to surrounding schools hoping to get on the relief teaching lists. I’ve had limited success with this approach. Next week I am going to go to each school that didn’t respond to me and hand in my CV in person (24 schools).

Financially, we are staying afloat, but camping, movies and everything else we want to do other than going to the library are not going to happen until I start bringing in a paycheck. I spend my days making a list of how I’m going to use my paychecks; register car and get the warranty of fitness test, buy a bed (our blowup mattress has a hole in it), pay for our residency visa (went through but we can’t get our passports stamped until we pay the fee), and increase our Internet bandwidth. The list goes on, but as long as I can work most days of the week, making $200+ a day we should be living comfortably again.

The reason the bed has a hole.

The one good thing to happen this month is I had my phone interview with London for our Skilled Migrant Residency Visa. I started this process almost a year ago to the day. The interview was the final stage of our application for permanent residency. It turned out to be very short and easy. Most of the questions were about if I was prepared to move to NZ, so we skipped all of them. There were a few questions like how the world recession has affected the Auckland housing market,

that I bullsh*ted, but most of it was easy. A few hours after the interview (that took place at 11pm Friday night) I received an email that we had been granted residency. This same email asked for a final processing fee of 250 British Pounds, that’s almost $500NZ. So while we are now allowed to become residence we have to wait until we have to funds to become residence. Go figure.

We moved to a new flat shortly after the new year. At first I was excited as the flatmates seemed cool, and the place was a definite step up then from our Mt. Eden mold pit. After a few weeks both Travis and I are looking forward for an excuse to

move. Between the retarded kid living next door screaming all day, (yeah, he’s actually retarded. Travis asked our flat mates if there was a donkey in the neighbor’s backyard. Oops.) and the train 10 yards from the house there is never a quiet moment. Plus, the people are not that nice. I just got told today that it was our week to clean the house. Really… am I twelve? The only rooms we use are the kitchen (and I, like a nice person clean this EACH time I use it), and our bedroom, which is coincidentally the only room that we don’t need to clean. Lame.

That’s the skinny for now. Travis is going to purchase a web camera and microphone so we can talk to people back home

for free on Skype. Since we only have 5GB a month bandwidth we can’t use the video chat, but being able to chat with friends and family will be nice.

Miss everyone.

Amber and Travis


3 Responses

  1. I know how you feel with the job hunt! It is so soul destroying when you spend all that time on an application and they don’t even bother to acknowledge it! But the jobs will be out there 🙂

    We’re on 5GB a month broadband as well, and we are able to use Skype very happily with the webcam – it doesn’t eat that much of the band-width. We Skype both my family and my OH’s family once a week, about an hour and a half combined, and also watch a few You-Tubes, I play some low-bandwidth online games, we upload pics etc etc, and have not yet been cut back on our usage, so you should be fine 🙂

  2. How long did the kitty have to be quaratined?

    • That’s our landlord’s cat. Shipping a cat to New Zealand costs about $1000, and it has to stay in quarantine for 6 months.

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