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First Steps to Immigrating to NZ – Get your qualifications reconized

So the wait is over, Travis and I have been officially granted permanent resident statues. This means that we are able to live and work in NZ. We are also able to use the health care system here, the fear of getting sick or hurt in a foreign country with no travel issuance is gone.

For those of you thinking about making the move through the Skilled Migrant route I thought I would give you the run down of what we had to do, and the time it took to get it done.

Overview of the process Travis and I took: Skilled Migrant Residency Visa (using my teaching as the skill), BS and Teaching cert recognized, Teacher registration, Expression of Interest, Application, WAIT…, moved to Auckland on visitors visa, got Working holiday visa, wait… Travis got a minimum wage job, wait…, Interview, granted residency.

Skilled Migrant Residency Visa – This is for people that have qualifications and work experience in fields that NZ finds it has a shortage in. Since I’ve first started this process the list of careers have changed several times, so make sure you frequently check to make sure your on this list.

Step One: Get qualifications recognized.

Relevant Website: http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/about/index.html

Objective: Have my BS and Secondary Ed. Teaching Cert. recognized.

Documents Required: No photocopies, everything must be original.

  • Proof of completing high school (transcripts or diploma)
  • College Transcripts AND diploma
  • Teaching certification
  • Employment records (If you’re a teacher you will use submit this many times during the immigration process so have the schools give you two if possible)  It must be on school letterhead, state your starting date, finishing date, fulltime/part-time employment (if part-time then the total hours worked per/week), short description of job, and a statement that you have/haven’t taken long leave of absents (this is not a requirement at this stage but it will be when you take your first job)

Submit Date: Online application Feb. 28, Mailed documents Mar. 2, 2009

I received an email Apr. 15 stating that my documents had arrived and my file had been given to an evaluator.
Finish Date: April 28, 2009 I received a package in the mail with my NZ qualifications report. I qualified for level 7 BS.

Notes: I was confused at first because the paper read “Your BS cannot be given comparability to any recognized teaching qualification in NZ. The requirements of NZ teaching qualification are very specific and due to the differences in teacher education structure in the US and NZ a direct comparison cannot be made in this case. However, you qualification does contain the core components of the NZ Graduate Diploma of Teaching and this has been stated on your repot.” I have no idea what they were getting at because I never ran into any problems with teaching cert.

Do not loose this paper; they only give ONE duplicate ever!


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  1. yo what’s up, sorry for the long no response. I had my phone turned off and didn’t have your guys number anymore or email, or blog sight until I found it. It seems like you guys are having a great time in Auckland, and it seems like things are getting better each month for you guys. I am back in the states now and pretty much hitchhiked most of the south pacific. I just got home the other day because I got tired working construction in Australia, and I got a job working at Glacier National Park in Montana giving boat tours so I decided to come home and work in the woods. So is Fishpond still going alright Travis? Hopefully your making some friends and having a good time smoking park and drive. I will have to visit you guys sometime here in the next year or two. I think I will be traveling out to china and southeast asia here in the next year so maybe I can hit you up then. Hope the best of luck for you guys in New Zealand and hit me up anytime you ever make it back home if you want to kick it. who knows will I’ll be.

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