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Move Successful!

We had to move out of our 10th floor downtown apartment because it had been sold. While the apartment was big for a city apartment we were both looking forward to moving some place quiet and most importantly, furnished.

During our new home hunting we fell in love with the Mt. Eden area. It is just south of the city and still close enough to take the bus into. The neighborhoods are full of old English homes and flowering bushes. Plus, it’s easier to drive around.

We were able to get a room in a little four bedroom home. All of the roommates are AUT students and went home for the reminder of the lease (which ends in mid January). This is great news, because we don’t have to deal with a house full of roommates, but we do get a house full of their stuff: everything from a bed to a crock pot (our diets will greatly improve) to lawn furniture.

The house is in foul shape though. As I look at the paint falling off the ceiling or put my slippers on so I don’t have to touch the old carpeting that’s haphazardly covering the floor I wonder about the beautiful rental we have in Austin. If only we could put houses on boats and take them with us.

My goal upon moving in was to take a bath. We haven’t had a bath since we left Austin almost two months ago. My first clue that this was going to be an event was the heap of dead bugs that lined the base of the tub. I guess college students are not into baths in NZ. After I cleaned out the bugs I attempted to turn on the hot water, this proved to be beyond my ability. Then I couldn’t get the cold water to turn off at all. At this point Travis saved the day with some cooking spray. He was able to loosen both knobs enough for me to turn the water on and off. After this adventure the bath was great. It had a slanted back that made laying down extremely comfortable, and for once the tub was just my height (slightly shorter then any American both I’ve been in).

Travis’s shower experience wasn’t as grand. The shower floor is metal, and therefore freezing in the morning. The whole house in general is 10 degrees colder than outside. I’m glad we are only staying here for the summer.

This is how you turn on the oven

The most irking feature of the house has to be the dozen or so Twilight posters that adorn the walls. Travis gets to look at a 4×3 ft. poster of Edward as he works from his computer.

The house may be rundown, but it has some class: arched doorways, rooms in strange places, random Asian plants in the yard. I’ve taken a picture of the switch that turns on the oven. It took me quit awhile to figure this out, but like everything else in this house it’s interesting if nothing else.

I will not be complaining since we are going to be sharing a four bedroom house with one other person for $160 NZ a week. In other news Travis had an interview at the university for a lab tech position today. It went well, unfortunately they will not be hiring until Feb. so he’s got a while to wait before he hears if he got the position or not. I’ve been filling out as many teaching applications as I can find. There are about 8-15 social studies jobs posted. So far I haven’t been called in for any interviews. As it gets closer to summer break, and the end of NZ school year, I’m hoping there are fewer teachers vying for the positions. I’ve decided that social studies teaching is so cool that there will never be a shortage of teachers anywhere, ever.


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