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Our First Road Trip:

We have a car!!! We can leave the city and go to all the beautiful places that the bus will not get us to, even after paying $8.20 one way.  I wanted to see some of the countryside as well as get some practice driving.  Technically as of tomorrow I will be on call for subbing, therefore the need to drive in morning traffic, not the time to practice driving.  We settled on Waitakara Regional Park.  The route seemed easy enough, very little city driving, plus the last road we were to turn on was called Scenic Rd. we needed some good pictures.  Once we got to the park we could do some hiking, shake off some of the tension we accumulated from the drive.

The trip started out very bad.  We were lost within seconds.  100km/h is a lot less then 100m/h but for our little car it might as well have been.  This is by far the crappiest car I’ve ever driven.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my car, but it is crap.  The stick shift, besides being on the left, has as much tension as a dandelion.  The clutch seems to be a when you want to use it thing. I went miles without touching the clutch or gas without incident.  And when the car is s

Waitakere Range Regional Park

Waitakere Range Regional Park

itting at a light not in gear it sounds like our little engine has been replaced with ten wobbly dryers.  As an added bonus are little beauty does not have power steering, so every time we had to make a U turn I burned a Twinkie’s worth of calories.

I had some problems with people merging into me and making left hand turns through extremely busy intersections before I pulled over and let Travis drive. This was better for a few seconds until, the first of several times, we both realized that we were in the wrong lane.  The trip continued.

Once we arrived safely at a random hiking trail all went great.  The hike was muddy and fun.  After about five minutes attempting to step around the mud became to much of a hassle.  The trees here have some many different shades of green, it’s pretty amazing.  I’ve posted some pictures.

Driving home was much more relaxing.  I feel good about driving on the other side of the road, and I’m getting much better at a left hand shifter.  I still hope I don’t get called to a school until I have more practice.


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