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week 2

We have quickly settled into our apartment. We got a queen size blowup mattress, it takes up one of our two bedrooms. The other bedroom has been made into a ghetto-fabulous office, complete with a camping chair, desk (aka upside down suitcase) and an empty box as a mouse table. Really, the place is one big room with some sliding doors sectioning parts of it off.
We got a really good deal on the place because the owner is trying to sell it. That means Asians will randomly stop by and look at the place. If they’ve never seen American underwear, they have now.
Our days have been spent sleeping in late, playing the Warlords: Battlecry 3 on Travis’s laptop, exploring the city, setting up a bank account and internet access, getting a membership at a video rental store, getting a library card, applying for temporary work permits, riding the bus to the grocery store, shopping for work clothes and drinking espresso. Travis went to one job interview. It went well, but people seem hesitant to hire him because they don’t want to deal with immigration paperwork when they can just hire somebody local without the hassle. We also went to a Diwali festival. It’s some Indian holiday. And by “festival” I mean “ 3 rows of tents all selling the same Henna tattoos, spicy food, and gold chains.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Amber & Travis,

    I really appreciate your blog so much!
    It is quite good for me as I’m planning to go to Auckland with my companion just like your way.

    One question to ask:
    1. Is it easy to get a local bank account if we ain’t the Kiwi there?

    Look Forward to hearing from you!
    Good luck! Hope we can meet one day when we’re there in Auckland!


    • We’re glad you like our story, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have. It is easy to get a bank account in New Zealand. All you need is proof of a permanent address here like a utility bill or lease. You’ll also need your passport.

      A word of warning, it’s surprisingly difficult to transfer money between American banks and New Zealand banks. Plus, both banks will charge a 25-40 dollar transfer fee, and it can take up to 2 weeks. So bring a lot of American cash with you. This will also save you the 3-5 dollar withdrawal fee you’ll rack up every time you use your ATM card to pull money out of your American account or even when just using your debit card to make small purchases.

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