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airplane and cab seats

The flight wasn’t that bad. I would have to admit, while New Zealand Air is better then any domestic flights I’ve take in it was the worst international flight. I didn’t think you could push the seats so close together. Every time meals came around we all had to put our seats back up because you couldn’t access the little table with the seat in front of you down. It was literally like we were all lying on top of each other. The one saving grace was that our flight was at night. So it was 13 hours of sleeping. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten off a long flight without being ready for bed. A good thing considering we got in at 6am NZ time.
Customs and immigration were easy, hardly any lines, calm, quite people. That might have something to do with how early it was, but gone through early morning immigration processes that felt like an elementary school fire drill.
It rained the entire drive to the hostel, but we were able to see that the place was covered in green (I guess anyplace would be after ten days of rain) and huge trees. Many of the houses we past had an old English look to them, tons of little cars and picket fences.
Our cab ride to our hostel was the first time we experienced NZ prices. Sixty dollars just to get to our hostel! It wouldn’t have been so bad, but once we found the hostel I didn’t want to get out of the cab because the hostel wasn’t the happy-sunny backpackers lodge I had seen so many pictures of online.
When we walked in the front door, or what we thought was the front door, there was no way to really tell, we saw about 12 people eating in the kitchen. It took several attempts of asking where we check in before the owner chose to speak up and get us settled. I had a feeling no one spoke English, but over the next few days I realized they all spoke English…they just choose to stare at us instead of being helpful.
Our room wasn’t bad except it was cold as hell. I don’t know what temperature it was the first few days, everything was in C, but it was cold. To our dismay the room stayed even colder than outside for most of the day. I tried to stay optimistic about or room. It was a hostel. I’m not spoiled. I can share a bathroom and kitchen with people. What I don’t like is paying 50 cents for using the shower that was located in the kitchen. You didn’t even have a full wall separating you from those cooking. To say the least both Travis and I were less then pleasant for most of our stay.
We also got tired of the large family of Indians that lived in the hostel. They owned the place so it was impossible not to feel like you were infringing on they lives. There was no food when the family was preparing their meals, and that was most of the day.


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